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FlashRomances is a young independent game company developing entertaining casual and social games for web and mobile platforms.

The company was established in 2010 and has grown from a humble startup with just two employees. Headquartered in Dresden (Germany) FlashRomances draws upon the talents of artists, programmers and sound designers from around the globe.

Our team members are passionate, smart, dedicated and share the common goal of creating compelling game experiences which are fun to play.

You can find and play our games at,,,, and many more game portals.

To sponsor or buy our games for your site write us an email or visit us on FlashGameLicense. We offer Exclusive / Primary / Non-Exclusive Site-Locked licenses and IP / Source Code sales too.

Team Members

Thomas Schulz
    CEO, Marketing Manager, Game Designer and Coder

Tobias Folprecht
    Game Designer and Graphic Artist

Stefan Flechsig
    Interface Designer and Graphic Artist

Dihan Paranawitane
    Painter and Graphic Artist

Johannes Schmuh
    Sound and Music Composer

Thomas Kudera
    Web Designer, Web Master and Community Manager

For more information on any of our games please contact us.